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Business Service Unit Manager
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 Incubator Manager
Andrea Bolton-Fyffe
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Reprographic Clerk
Misha Hylton
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Business Services Unit Straight line
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Katherine-Rebecca McFarlane
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Small Business Development Centre

Senior Business Counsellor
Beverly Stewart
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Junior Business Counsellor 
Tashay Binns 
(876) 970-5550; Ext. 2550

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers

The Technology Innovation Centre (TIC) is a business incubator within the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech Ja.) that supports the growth and development of early stage, technology oriented and enabled businesses.

A Business Incubator is a facility designed to assist businesses to become established and profitable during their start up or early development phase in a nurturing environment.

TIC provides the following services to our clients:

  • Space – Flexibly configured office suites.
  • Shared Office Facilities – broadband internet access, receptionist and office services, conference and meeting rooms and a business services unit.
  • Small Business Development Centre – Through the Centre we offer one-to-one business counselling, mentoring and networking opportunities.
  • Skills development and training – business development and management, strategic planning and marketing.
  • Seed money and Access to Grant Funding – through the incubator’s reputation, clients are able to access funding to stimulate growth and development.
  • GrowthWheel Assessments – The TIC is a certified Growthwheel partner organization. The Growthwheel is a world renowned entrepreneurial assessment and training tool that helps entrepreneurs make crucial decisions and take action.

See our services

Yes, we offer meeting and conference room facilities equipped with whiteboards and projectors. The rooms are open for booking from the general public. Want to know more about our meeting or conference rooms? Contact us at (876) 970-5505

Prices differ based on programme cost and the additional services a client may require. Call us at (876) 970-5505 for more details on cost and services.

No, clients are accepted based on availability of space and the programmes for which the client is applying.

To gain admission into the incubator, a company must:

  1.       Be a registered small business or start-up enterprise with a research-based technology or tech-enabled product or service.
  2.       Be an enterprise that has been in existence less than five (5) years.
  3.       Complete an application form.
  4.       Submit written business summary, with product idea and concept, potential markets, general financials [ including current funding levels, sources of capital and future capital needs and plans, a 3-5 financial and operations growth projections], and resumes of each principal of the business.
  5.       Have adequate financial resources to remain in business for at least six (6) months, as indicated in the company’s business summary.
  6.       Certify that there are no legal claims or lawsuits pending against the business at the time of the application.
  7.       Attend a personal interview session with management of the incubator and selection committee.
  8.       Complete a lease with the university.

The TIC Incubator application form can be accessed by calling (876) 970-5505 or visiting the Centre at:

Technology Innovation Centre

School of Entrepreneurship

College of Business and Management

 237 Old Hope Road

Kingston 6.


Book a consultation in our Small Business Development Centre and we will guide you along the path to success.